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Dressing your table with style is possible at The Lino
Dressing your table with style is possible at The Lino

At The Lino we already tell you: dressing the table with style is a trend. Nothing surprises us!

It does not matter if it is a special date or for the day to day, decorating the table properly is necessary to look stylish at each meal. Of course, you must bear in mind that there is a whole world of possibilities. In our new post we help you get it right on any occasion!

What is the art of dressing the table?

Surely you like going to restaurants or places as much as we do and that the tables are perfectly decorated. At The Lino we know that these details are what make the difference.

In this sense, we are not only talking about the tablecloth, but also about cutlery and crockery, as well as other elements. For this reason, dressing the table in style is not a decision that can be taken lightly. Together we will ensure that your guests enjoy a pleasant experience and a good impression on different occasions. We are going to give your home a refreshing air!

The importance of adapting the table to each event

Of course, this task is not a matter of protocol, but of receiving guests in a special way.

Today, the trend is to bet on color combinations in each situation and add small details. However, a perfect table is one that is planned for an informal meal and changes for a children’s birthday or a romantic dinner.

Art is in balance, and we will tell you the secrets below.

Dressing the table at informal lunches and dinners

The informal table decoration at lunch and dinner is more relaxed, but not indifferent. What do you think? At The Lino we believe that we can follow a common pattern. Of course,

For meals, we recommend placing a tablecloth with a lively design, such as those offered by the Princess Eucalyptus Home Collection.

Next, place dishes from the same collection and color perfectly separated. If you are going to have soup, the bowl has to go on top of the salad plate. As for the napkins, place them to the left of the plates and to the right of the utensils.

In the case of dinners, you can follow the same decorative line, but choose a more suitable tableware such as the Night Home Collection. What do you think of our proposal?

Dressing the table with special gatherings of friends and family

The first thing to consider is what type of food you are going to offer. The type of dishes that we are going to use will depend on this decision: deep plates, dessert plates, bowls… Of course, we must not forget the accompaniments, such as trays with cheese boards, jugs of water… Crockery has to fit the menu!

On the other hand, we must not forget the number of diners. If it is going to be a meeting with many guests, go for a large tablecloth. On the other hand, if it is a more intimate meeting, why not choose placemats? We love it!

For this, Dandelion Home Collection is very suitable to create a more pleasant and natural environment. Of course, accompany our products with a flower arrangement in the center or candles for a special atmosphere.

How to set the table when friends of our children come

When decorating the table for a children’s birthday or to receive our children’s friends, it is best to choose a theme that they love. The tablecloth, napkins and even glasses have to follow this theme.

In this sense, at The Lino we are committed to the environment, which is why we recommend using wooden or paper cutlery, plates and glasses to make them reusable.

One detail that my daughter loves is placing balloons on each of the chairs and stickers with the name of each child on their seat. Your child will surely like it too!

Dressing the table for a romantic dinner

Do you want that special someone to fall in love that night? We know what you need!

Without a doubt, the first thing you need is a round tablecloth. Thanks to this article you will create a more romantic and close atmosphere. Remember that red is the color of passion!

If you want to surprise your partner, add cloth napkins in the same color with an original shape.

For an unforgettable memory, place some rose petals naturally, a couple of fresh flowers, or a romantic candle in the middle of the tablecloth. Sound romantic enough?

At The Lino we have already told you about some of our proposals, now we would love to hear your ideas.

Do you have any recommendations to dress the table with style? Together we will create combinations according to the person we receive!

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