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Charm meets style in designer bedding from The Lino
Charm meets style in designer bedding from The Lino

At The Lino we know that bedding does not fulfill another function in your home. We want it to be a decorative element, but also an expression of your tastes and emotions. For this reason, we have created different collections that adapt to all bedrooms and that we want to introduce you to today. Charm and style go hand in hand in our designer bedding. Give a change to another kind of order!

The Lino design bedding message

The Lino is not only an online decoration store. Our brand also represents an attitude towards life and a love that defines our creative work.

Through different artists and local styles, we have brought many international influences to interior design, resulting in a unique collection rich in nuances. And all of the above without losing sight of environmental sustainability!

In that way, we are committed to local sales, but also to the globalization of art. Our designer bedding ideas means a meeting point between crafts, history and cultural heritage.

Design bedding Essentials collects the forms of nature

One of our most popular and charming collections. Essentials Collection is designed from geometric lines that are based on the vibrant shapes and colors that exist in nature.

An ideal designer cotton bedding to collect the influence of the most beautiful corners of the world.

Dandelion Home Collection for emotional healing

This bedding collection is not only highly decorative and elegant, it also represents emotional healing. The dandelion is a symbol of healing and well-being capable of withstanding almost any life condition.

Thanks to the Dandelion collection, you will transport all that strength and vibrancy to your bedroom through sustainable and welcoming materials.

The Orient and its traditions are embodied in the Japan Collection

As its name suggests, Japan Home Collection brings together the traditional arts and crafts of the Japanese country. In this way, our bedding mixes the floral arrangements, the dances, the tea ceremony and all the cultural heritage of the place.

A collection for true lovers of oriental culture and artisan luxury!

Nature comes to your home with Eucalyptus collection

As we have already anticipated, at The Lino we want to bring the natural environment to your home. And, just like the eucalyptus changes its leaves in the course of your life, this designer cot bedding is ideal to renew your environments and change the home deco.

In this case, the collection is inspired by local Korean artists who bring their entire cultural heritage to eucalyptus-themed textiles.

So… what is the Princess Eucalyptus collection like?

For its part, the Princess Eucalyptus collection comes from the hand of local Brazilian artists. A creation that also captures the strength and beauty of this flower. However, a different cultural concept is added to this idea resulting in an unbeatable bedding set. Impressive!

Night Collection to dream with the stars

Last but not least, we have the Night Collection. An idea that brings the night sky to your bed, creating a show of sensations, shapes and feelings.

A bedding with the flavor of evening. A handmade set full of feelings such as freedom, peace and well-being.

Do you like our mission and collections? We couldn’t be happier! Enjoy these decoration products both for your bed and to dress the table.

Remember that at The Lino we work expressly for you.

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